About Skeuomo

About Skeuomo

Just like the concept of skeuomorphism –where a digital object mimics its real-world counterpart – our vision is to bring the traditional art community into the modern technological era! Why is this important us? Because we are artists too and believe art should be accessible to even the novice audience. How will we do this? It’s pretty straight forward. We took today’s most commonly used apps/ services and built our own all-in-one art exclusive platform! For collectors we offer an unparalleled selection of one of kind artwork from emerging artists from around the world ranging in all types of mediums, styles, genres, moods, and prices all while providing artists with a digital environment to exhibit, promote and sell their work.

Skeuomo makes these connections seamless, easy and convenient through real instant engagements between collectors, artists and curators. Skeuomo is an art marketplace and social network for the art community.

Global Art marketplace

Whether you’re looking for a one of a kind center piece for your living room or the next piece for your curated art exhibition, Skeuomo offers a variety of selections to choose from. No matter your taste, mood or budget – our artists and curators have their own stories to share with you. Browse, and discover unique artwork from around the world and learn more about the unique talent and inspirations behind each piece. Buy, sell and share artwork without the hassle.

Social Art Network

Whether you’re an art lover or art curious, you can connect directly with independent artists, curators and collectors from around the world. Add them to your favorites list for updates, share or curate content on Skeuomo’s Art Circle feed or message individual members in real-time.  Connect your favorite social accounts and share your profile, gallery or artworks with your friends and peers. 

Our World

The world deserves a place for creative expression. Art is the only thing that has no boundaries.  We strongly believe that everyone can and should have a vibrant career doing what they love. We want to be a part of that journey.